Saturday, April 25, 2009

My Break Week Adventures!!!

So I am going to blog my whole break week trip!!
I am in San Fransicso RIGHT NOW, then
going to Kansas on Monday woot woot!

1. I forgot my phone in SB and didnt realize till i was like pretty much at the airport!
2. get to the airport....find out i am to late to check into the flight!
3. Get put on a flight 2 hours later...:)
4. Then i get to "the City" and i fall in love again with the people and the city.

The day was pretty heckit but God has a plan and we much always realize it is in HIS hands not ours:) i love that. And know that is the only thing that keep me from loosing it today! 

I have meet new friends and am being blessed by it!

There will be photos to come at a later time........................


  1. I'm still waiting to see pictures from your last trip :-)

  2. you have a blog??? how did i not know this? I'm following you now haha :)

  3. You have a blog Misty?!?!?! Who knew???
    Where are these photos you speak of putting up? I'm with KJ in keeping an eye out for them. :)