Thursday, September 24, 2009

So my computer was broken for such a long time and i just hadnt blogged cuz well i had no way of doing so....also i hadnt had the chance to listen to messages so i am behind :(

BUT last night i listened to Adorns message from last week..and it was super sweet! Just want i needed!

Really spoke to me for many reason. 1. being just the fact that my father was not the best dad ever....he decided to choose drinking over his two daughter for most of our lives. Many things happened that scared me very deep because of not having my father in my life when i was young.
BUT praise the Lord, He works all things for good! and for His glory!!

sooo...everyone should check out this message if you have not already done this! It is so sweet to have a God that is so good and loves us all so much when we truly do not deserve such a love or father that is perfect and will never leave us and wont choose alcohol over His children :)

here is the link

sooo gooood!

Man I just LOVE GOD so much!!

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